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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Handmade Products

Handmade products are not uncommon in the marketplace today. Many people are appreciating the value of handmade products due to its uniqueness and scarcities. Furthermore, with an increasing number of mass-produced products flooded in the market, more and more people are looking for quality rather than quantity. Here are 5 reasons of why we think you should buy handmade products:

Each and every handmade product has its own story behind their establishment. In EightPlus2, we have worked with suppliers who all started out making their products out of hobby and passion. Therefore, whenever you purchase a handmade product, you know for sure that this product is not just for aesthetic purpose, but behind the façade is a long series of dedication and talented craftsmanship.

2. Environment
Mass produced products can be polluting for the environment as it consumes more resources compared to handmade products overall. Most handmade suppliers are aware that to be able to compete with the market, they should also choose the “greener” path, such as conforming the vegan (PETA) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) while providing sustainable incomes for farmers and local communities.

3. Quality
Handmade products are not only unique but they are also built to last. The makers knew that creating a product through passion and conscious to the environment are vital, but they also know how to achieve the desired quality through sustainable sourced materials and bringing out its luxury, the high-end touch. This is what makes a good handmade product stands out from the rest.

4. Financial Independence
Some of the suppliers we partnered with in EightPlus2 were suffered from physical disabilities and chronic illnesses, hence the limited mobility to work. However, despite the challenges, they were able to work from home and gain financial independence through the sales of their handmade products. Not only that, they had also impacted the lives of their families, communities and local suppliers, changing their lives for the better. Quoted from one of our suppliers: “If we can help people to heal, our ultimate goal is achieve.”. Which brings to our fifth point, holistic self-care.

5. Holistic Self-Care
This is also a central theme of our company. Handmade products are unique by itself and some of it (like the aromatherapy diffusers) can truly help speed up the recovery of many patients suffered from physical or mental illnesses. Using a diffuser are also effective at warding off cold, flu and other nasty illness and also be used to boost the immune system. This is just the tip of the icebergs of one of the many examples of handmade products.

Come and check out the full range of handmade products in EightPlus2 and experience the benefits above for yourself. We are always fully committed to provide the best handmade products and customer service experience. We hope you can reap the benefits and wonders of handmade products!

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